Worldle Map Game

What is Worldle?

Worldle is map Wordle, a game where you have six guesses to name the country or territory by its shape. Worldle was developed by Teuteuf Games.

Worldle gained immense popularity in a short span of time, with over 120,000 players just days after its launch in late January 2022, a figure that skyrocketed to over 577,000 by February 13th, and eventually exceeded 2 million players by February 23rd.

Screenshot of Worldle Map Game
Screenshot of Worldle Map Game

Worldle Gives You Clues

Each guess gives you three clues to refine your next guess:

  1. How many kilometres distant your guess is to the mystery country
  2. What direction the mystery country is in relation to your guess
  3. The percentage of the proximity between your guess and the mystery country. Percentage is an alternative way to represent how far away your guess is. for instance, guessing the opposite side of the world to the mystery country would be 0% proximity, and guessing right on the country is 100% proximity.

The correct guess is highlighted in green.

Worldle Has Bonus Rounds

Worldle keeps the geography fun going with some bonus rounds that delves more into the mystery country, testing your knowledge further:

  • Bonus Round 1 is about identifying countries that border the mystery country
  • Bonus Round 2 is about correctly guessing the capital of the mystery country
  • Bonus Round 3 is about identifying the correct country flag of the mystery country
  • Bonus Round 4 is about guessing the language(s) of the mystery country, and guessing a common phrase in the native language.
  • Bonus Round 5 asks you to guess population and currency of the mystery country
  • Bonus Round 6 challenges you to organise some of the most populated cities of the mystery country in descending order of population
  • Bonus Round 7 asks you to guess the size of the mystery country. Worldle offers hints by displaying a range of other countries and their geographical sizes.

If It Wasn’t Difficult Enough Already to Guess the Country, Try These Modifiers:

Worldle also offers a couple of extra ‘difficulty modifiers’ to make the guessing even more challenging:

  • Replace proximity percent by size percent
  • Hide country image for more of a challenge
  • Randomly rotate country image

Get Geography Guessing With Worldle

So, geography geeks, it’s time to put your general knowledge of the world’s countries to the test with Worldle! Challenge your friends and family! Happy Guessing!

Two More Geography Guessing Games

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