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Are you a music lover looking for some fun and creative ways to engage your friends in an exciting guessing game? Look no further! From classical music to music of today to even video game music, these Wordle inspired music themed guessing games have something for everyone. Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two along the way! Let’s dive in and explore this list of music themed guessing games! – the OG music Wordle game

Screenshot of Heardle ready to play the song intro and take the first guess
Screenshot of Heardle ready to play song intro for first guess

Heardle tests your ability to name a song, in the same way you ask Shazam to identify a song. Heardle plays you the intro to a song, and then you try to name the artist and song. Incorrect guesses or skips unlocks more of the song to help you identify it. You get six attempts to name the artist and song. Spotify announced in July 2022 that it acquired Heardle. That means players will be playing the game within the Spotify web app, and will able to play the song at the end of the game. Spotify even created a Heardle playlist (called Heardle Rewind), that lists all of the Heardle songs. I think Heardle reminds us of the power of iconic song intros eg How many micro-seconds of Adele’s Skyfall do you need to hear to guess it? – what is the name of that song?

Screenshot of Cuedle presenting the music decade you can select to guess a song from
Screenshot of Cluedle menu of musical decade genres

Cuedle is a variation on Heardle – you still have six guesses to name a song in the least amount of its playing time, but an added bonus is that you get to choose which musical decade you’d like Cuedle to pick the song from. I think the choice of a preferred musical decade to guess songs from is an interesting way to gauge a persons age, or the last decade that you actually had time to listen to music.

Taylordle – in the world of Taylor Swift

Screenshot of Taylordle the Taylor Swift Themed Wordle Game
Screenshot of Taylordle the Taylor Swift Themed Wordle Game

Taylordle is a Taylor Swift Music Wordle, where word of the day that you’re guessing has something to do with the world of Taylor Swift. The Taylordle game has been updated so that the word of the day could four to eight letters, rather than the traditional five letters to add variety. As per Wordle, you get six chances to guess the word. One for the Swifties among us.

MusicVidle – which music video is that?

Screenshot of MusicVidle   Music Themed Wordle Game Showing Rumors by Lizzo featuring Cardi B
Screenshot of MusicVidle music video guessing game with the correct guess of Rumors by Lizzo featuring Cardi B

Musicvidle is a daily music video guessing game. In Musicvidle, you have to guess a song from six stills from its music video. You can even zoom in on the still, to really check details One you’ve finished guessing right or wrong, Musicvidle plays you the music video via Youtube.

Musicle – which album is that song is from?

Screenshot of Musicle Album Guessing Game showing Pixies Doolittle Album Cover
Screenshot of Musicle Album Guessing Game showing Pixies Doolittle Album Cover

Musicle is about guessing the album based on a sample of one of its tracks. You get three sets of guessing the album from the sample. Once you have chosen your genre, you are presented with the first set of albums, and you play a song sample that comes from one of them. You make your guess which album the song comes from by selecting the album, and clicking ‘my guess’. Once you have finished guessing the first secret album, the second set of albums and song sample is unlocked for you to guess, followed by the third set.

I think Musicle has some cool features, including a really great range of genres, like 80s to 2000s, movie themes, classical, 1001 (albums you better hear before you die) and even two flavours of video game music themes. There’s also challenge mode, where you only hear five seconds of the song sample, History, where the last two weeks of songs are listed for reference, and you can even join a Leaderboard for the genre(s) that you want to compete on.

Byrdle – Words related to Choral Music

With Byrdle, the word guessing is choral themed. The guesses could be a proper noun, a plural or a musical term in other languages or more. Byrdle gives you seven tries to guess the word. You can toggle Byrdle’s historical mode to play all of Byrdle’s previous games, there is even an option to jump to a random game.

Byrdle’s creator, Robert Brignall created Byrdle after a tweet from QuireMemes asked whether it was possible to make a game like Heardle but related to choral music.


Playing music themed Wordle games is a great way to discover new music and rediscover old favourites. It might also be a way to test how well you really know your music. Who knows? You may even find a new favourite tune or two. Happy guessing!

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