What is Slido? Live Poll and Quizzes Platform

Have you ever been to a presentation, and been asked to enter in an eventcode into a website on your smartphone or tablet so that the audience can answer a question, and the results are being presented on the screen in real time? Then you have probably just used Slido, a popular live Q&A, quiz and polling platform.

Slido provides a means for speakers to run polls, Q&As, quizzes, Q&As with the audience during presentations, workshops or meetings, or even capture audience thoughts in word clouds.

Slido collects and presents audience responses in real-time. Slido can also provide various analytics about your audience responses.

You can create a presentation exclusively developed in Slido or you can integrate your Slido interactions with your presentation created in popular conferencing and presentation tools like Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides and Webex. If you integrate Slido with your presentation, you don’t have to swap between Slido and your presentation, it can all be run seamlessly.

How To Use Slido

Slido works by having the presenter signing into their account, creating an event (which includes scheduling when the event will be held), and then designing the types of interactions they want to have with the audience during the presentation eg live polls, word clouds, open text, surveys, ratings or Q&A. You can even add your own brand colours and logos to the event, or sponsor logos.

The presenter generates a unique eventcodeor QR code for the event, which can be emailed to participants so they can connect to the event via browser on their devices. Since Slido is an internet based platform, it enables the audience to interact with the Slido meeting event virtually or in-person.

Participants join your event by opening Slido’s webpage and entering the event code you’ve generated for the event.

Participants are presented with the poll or quiz, etc. on their devices, where they enter their responses. Slido tracks the results live.

Is Slido Free to use?

You can sign up to Slido and immediately use the free forever Slido Basic plan. The basic plan includes:

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • 5 polls per event
  • Crowdsource questions (before the event)
  • One brainstorm topic per event
  • One quiz per event
  • Sharing the event with collaborators to help you manage event questions and polls
  • Integration of Slido with major presentation platforms like Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides and Microsoft Teams.

Slido has a number of plan options, with one-time and annual pricing. Slido also has considerations for schools, universities and Non-Profits. Click here for the breakdown of Slido’s plans.

Screenshot of Slido homepage
Screenshot of Slido homepage, where a participant can enter the eventcode to join the presentation

Slido is free for audience participants to join and interact with your presentations. Participants don’t need to download anything and don’t need to sign-in to Slido anywhere with an account in order to join in your presentation – they only need to enter the event code or event QR code that you’ve generated for the event.

What presentation tools can Slido be integrated with?

You can create and integrate your Slido interactions directly into your presentations. This means that presenters can run quizzes and polls etc. saving the presenter from having to switch screens between the presentation and Slido. Slido has developed extensions to integrate with the following presentation tools:

  • Powerpoint for Windows
  • Google Slides

What live video tools can Slido be integrated with?

You can integrate Slido with the following live video platforms to save your audience from switching between screens or devices:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webex
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Facebook Live


Slido Switcher – switch between your presentation and Slido

What is Slido Switcher?

Slido Switcher is a Slido app to enable you to activate a Slido interaction as a window on top of your presentation, and deactivate the window when you’re finished with your Slido interaction and you want to return to your presentation slides. It is available for MacOS and Windows.

How do you use Slido Switcher?

First, you need to setup Slido Switcher app on your PC. Begin by downloading Slido Switcher for Mac or Windows.

Then log into your Slido account on your smartphone (or other device) to use your smartphone as a remote control to switch between a presentation and activate a Slido interaction during your presentation, as required. If you don’t have a smartphone or device handy, you can alternatively use quick-key Ctrl-Option-D on your keyboard.

Getting help setting up your Slido presentations

Slido provides a lot of resources to help you develop your Slido presentations and answer any query you may have about Slido, including loads of Tutorial Videos, Documentation and Sldio Community and Help Centre, where you can search for documentation, post or help others with questions.


My experience with Slido and interactive presentations in general has been quite positive. I have found interactive presentations to be an effective way to engage audiences that might otherwise be simply sitting there and paying you minimal, polite attention to your presentation or team-building exercise.

It provided a great, structured opportunity to get more from audience by drawing out questions, gauging group opinion, testing their knowledge and ultimately much they have been paying attention to your presentation!

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