Movie Guessing Games Like Framed

Movie guessing games will have you puzzling over movie scenes, movie posters, actors, directors and even box office revenue to guess that movie. So let’s get started! Movie Wordle With Pictures

Screenshot of game confirming the successful guess of the movie Joker after seeing the sixth clue
Screenshot of confirming guess of the movie Joker after the sixth clue

Framed challenges you to guess a movie from as few movie image clues as possible. You get six guesses, and each wrong guess reveals a new image of the movie containing progressively more obvious clues about the movie you’re trying to guess. 1 Second Movie Wordle

Screenshot of playing the one second compressed version of the movie

Moviedle tests your movie knowledge by playing you a one second, compressed version of a movie. Each incorrect guess means Moviedle plays a longer version of the movie, with a maximum of six guesses. Moviedle also only offers one new game each day, but you can also play the previous games – just click the calendar icon on the top right hand and chose a date to guess the movie for that day. Guess the actor wordle game

Screenshot of Actorle game, showing the guess of Ewan McGregor was a co-star with the actor-in-question in Big Fish
Screenshot of revealing Big Fish after guessing Ewan McGregor gives you eight attempts to guess the actor from a de-identified list of their movies. The movie list initially only reveals the year of each movie, the genre, its IMDB score – the movie title is X’ed out. Each guess tells you whether the actor is older or younger or the same age as your guess. If you guess a co-actor in one of the movies on the list, that movie title is revealed. 6 degrees of actor separation

Screenshot of Hollywoodle ready for your first guess of a movie that stars Andy Garcia and Rebecca Romijn or a movie with a co-star that helps connect Andy Garcia with Rebecca Romijn
Screenshot of Hollywoodle ready to connect Andy Garcia with Rebecca Romijn is like the six degrees of Hollywood actor separation game. In this variation of the Six-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon game, you make the link between two actors by linking them with movies and related cast they have in common. If you can’t think of a movie that both actors starred together in, you can create a chain of actors and movies in common. eg linking Andy Garcia with Rebecca Romijn, the quickest link was:

Andy Garcia > Passengers > Jennifer Lawrence > X-Men First Class > Rebecca Romijn.

When you complete a connection, grades your effort in classic movie critic style. also keeps stats on the most common successful links made to connect the two actors of the day. Guess the movie poster

Screenshot of Posterdle showing a successful guess for the movie poster for Captain Marvel
Screenshot of Posterdle successful movie poster guess gives you 20 seconds and six guesses to identify a movie poster. You play by bringing the poster slowly into resolution and trying to guess the movie before the poster is fully resolved. Pushing the Guess button pauses both the timer and the image coming into focus so you can make a guess of the movie title of the poster at that level of resolution. A wrong answer or I DON’T KNOW answer un-pauses the countdown. Name a movie matching each set of clues

Screenshot of Movie Grid movie guessing game with a headshot of Tom Hiddleston
Screenshot of Movie Grid movie guessing game showing a headshot of Tom Hiddleston

In a game of, you have 9 guesses to fill in a 3×3 grid by guessing nine movies that you think best match the actor, director or movie clues that intersect for each cell.

For each guess, you review the row and column clue for the cell (eg name a movie with Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling), click the cell and start typing in your movie title guess. Correct guesses with rarer movies are worth more points.

Once you’ve finished your game, Movie Grid give you your score and how you rated with all the others players of the day. Movie Grid even gives you a summary of the most popular correct guesses.

Movie Grid also offers a couple of variations – one for television shows (TV Grid), and Classic Movies (Classic). If that isn’t enough, you can play yesterdays Movie Grid or even archived games of Movie Grid. Name the movie or tv series

Screen shot of Flixdle a movie or tv series guessing game
Screen shot of Flixdle gives you six guesses to correctly name the movie or tv series. Like Wordle, a tile with a correct character in the correct place for a word turns green. A tile turns orange when it contains a correct character but in the wrong location for the word. A tile turns crimson when you have correctly guessed a character, but it’s in the wrong word. A tile turns grey when it contains a character that is not in the title. Also, you can’t have any missing characters in your guess. Guess the movie with six second movie snippets

Screen shot of Flickle

With Flickle, each guess of the movie name comes with a different, six second snippet of the movie. Once you have completed your game, Flickle shows you how you fared against the competition that day.

Disney Wordle: Mickeyrdle

Screenshot of Mickeyrdle Disney based Wordle
Screenshot of Mickeyrdle, a Disney based Wordle inspired game

Mickeyrdle is also based on the Wordle game, giving you six guesses to find the five letter word or character name from the World of Disney. Guesses includes words from the movies and theme parks. The words and names span Classic Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Muppets and beyond.

Harry Potter Wordle: Wizarding Wordle & HogWartle

Screenshot of Wizarding Wordle, Harry Potter based Wordle inspired game

Wizarding Wordle and Hogwartle are two Harry Potter based Wordle inspired games. Both are fan-built, and played the same way as Wordle – six tries to guess the five-lettered word. Apparently Hogwartle only accepts Harry Potter related words, whereas Wizarding Wordle’s vocabulary includes magic and wizardry words beyond the World of the Potterverse. Name the movie in the least tile flip reveals of a scene from the movie

Screenshot of Cinenerdle a wordle inspired movie themed guessing game
Screenshot of Cinenerdle

Cinenerdle hides a movie scene behind a grid of 9 tiles. You flip as few tiles as you can to reveal a the movie scene to name the movie. You are given one guess per tile flip. A wrong guess automatically flips another tile for you. Cinenerdle gives you one or two movie categories below the grid to help you with your guessing. The game ends if you correctly guess the movie or if you run out of guesses. Match the related movie clues

Screen shot of Cine2Nerdle a movie guessing game
Screen shot of Cine2Nerdle

In, you have 15 moves (tile swaps) to rearrange a 4×4 grid of movie clues (e.g. actor names, character names, directors, or any other plot related clues) so that each row and one column each represents a movie.

When you correctly place a tile, Cine2Nerdle colours the related tiles in the rows or column, in the colour code of the movie they represent.

Cine2Nerdle and Cinenerdle (above) are both the creation of Nilanth Yogadasan, a full-stack developer and computational biologist based in Canada.

Box Office Game: Name the movies from a given US box office weekend

Screen shot of the Box Office Game
Screen shot of the Box Office Game

The Box Office Game has a great (but very industry focused!) twist for a movie guessing game – it challenges you to guess five movies from a given US domestic box office weekend.

Box Office Game starts by giving you the name of each movie’s Distributor, Gross, Ranking in the last week, its change in Rank and the movie’s Number of Weeks into release.

You can get hints for each movie, like Tagline, Plot, Genre(s) Actors, Budget, Final Gross – but each hint you ask for subtracts points from your final score for each movie.

The game ends after you try guess all five movies within 10 guesses. All five movies are revealed at the end of the game.


So if you’re a fan of the movies, why not test how much of a cinephile you are with one of these games!

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