FakeYou Text To Speech Voice Generator

What is FakeYou?

FakeYou is a ‘deepfakevoice generator. It uses AI, contributor voice models and data to clone celebrity or character voices. These voices are available for both text to speech and for also for video celebrity or character lip synching. if you prefer, you can ask FakeYou to clone your own voice. FakeYou also welcomes contributors to add new voice models, vocoder or even new videos for lip-synching to the library for sharing.

You could use FakeYou can create text to speech to make videos that are not only informative, but also engaging and persuasive. Alternatively, you could have a lot of fun with FakeYou, creating video messages or memes and jokes for your social media content.

FakeYou also provides a free, easy-to-use API that makes it simple for anyone to integrate FakeYou text to speech into their own online apps.

FakeYou was previously known as

So if you’re looking for a text to speech app that can help you take your business to the next level, or looking to have some fun with ‘deepfake’ celebrities voicing your text, then FakeYou could be for you.

What are some features of FakeYou?

Some features of FakeYou include:

  • The ability to generate speech-based content from a selected celebrity or character voice from FakeYou’s library, and your own text.
  • The ability to create videos with celebrities or characters lip-synching your text
  • An easy-to-use API that allows you to create your own online text to speech applications, drawing on FakeYou’s library of voices to generate speech of your own text.

What Can You Do With FakeYou?

Voiceovers for your video or presentation content

Generating text-based voice content for your videos, whether you need voiceovers for say a business presentation, or for your social media content.

A voice for your Conversational Chatbot project

FakeYou could synthesise your voice to be the voice of your chatbot emulate natural conversation.

Inclusivity – alternate form of assistive technology for visitors to your website

Alternate assistive technology to help Visually impaired, visitors to your site just want your content to be read out; Non-native language readers of your site. text to speech for your websites.

Getting Started With FakeYou

Speech to Text

Screenshot of FakeYou text to speech page
Screenshot of FakeYou text to speech page

One of the great things about FakeYou is that you don’t even need to sign in to start using it! On the Text to Speech page, you just select a voice, write some text to be spoken by that voice and create the file. Once the text to speech is created, you can play it and download it.

Creating speech to text within a FakeYou account means that you can keep a library of your files, and manage whether you want the files to be public or hidden.

Video Lip-Synching

Screenshot of FakeYou Video Lip-sync template page
Screenshot of FakeYou Video Lip-sync template page

To get started with FakeYou’s video lip-synching, you firstly choose a video with someone you want to lip-synch your text. You can select from a wide range of videos that are available in FakeYou’s library. There is a wide selection of celebrities, world leaders, anime or game characters you can choose from including: Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, Walter White of Breaking Bad, Goku from Dragonball.

Alternatively, you can upload your own video as your template.

Once you’ve selected your video, you then upload a sound file that will be used as the text to speech. This text to speech will then be lip synched to the video.

Contribute/Upload Models to FakeYou

Screenshot of FakeYou Contribute Page
Screenshot of FakeYou Contribute Page

If you’re keen to contribute a voice or a lip-sync video template to FakeYou, you only need to go to the Contribute to FakeYou page to do so. You can upload a voice model, a vocoder, a lip-sync video or a photo for lip-synching

Give FakeYou a Try Today

It’s really easy to get started with FakeYou, and the results can be really impressive. So if you’re looking for a way to create engaging and persuasive videos, or just want to have some fun with celebrity voices, then FakeYou is definitely worth checking out.

An Alternative to FakeYou

If you’d like to read more about another text to speech voice cloning app, check out our article on Uberduck.AI. Uberduck.AI also synthesises text to voice. It even gives you the functionality to get a celebrity voice to sing or rap your text, based on a selected song sample.

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