Can I Use My Own Domain On Notion?

Did you know your default Notion website URL can be set to contain your domain name? It only takes a couple of steps to add your domain name to the URL.

An example of the default Notion website URL format looks like:

You can customise Notion settings to have your domain name as the first part of the website address. An example of the new format looks like:

Note: It’s best to change the the setting for the domain name before sharing your Notion pages on the web. That’s because after changing the domain name setting, the pages you shared under the original Notion generated domain name would stop being visible online.

The steps to set your own domain name in the URL of your Notion website are:

Step 1: Select Settings & Members on Notion’s left hand menu

Step 2: Select Settings on the left hand menu of the Workspace settings dialog box

Step 3: Enter your preferred domain name

Select the Domain field and enter your preferred domain name. Notion will auto-check to see if this domain name is available as a subdomain in Notion
Updating domain field of the Notion Settings with your domain name

Step 4: Select Update

Once you have successfully entered your domain name, select Update:


Your website address should now have your domain name at the start of its URL address.

Creating a Notion website that uses only your domain name

If you want to publish your Notion website using only your own domain name in the URL, without any Notion references, like:

then have a read of our article about creating your Notion website with a Notion Website Builder.